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About me

I am Nina, I live in the beautiful State California with my husband and our two bright sweetheart sons, Kal 12 & Joopy 10.  They are the sweetest kids; it's a true blessing and real joy to be their mom. They fully support my craft addiction and bluntly judge every project I make :)

I studied dentistry and was completing my Master degree when I decided to make a huge career shift to crafting. I was designing/creating educational resources and regularly supplying schools and day cares as I was thier educational resources consultant. Tt was just a blast. My educational resources brand was Treehouse. I enjoyed so much creating these resources and was very lucky to have top reviews from my clients, during which I would every little while go in my crafting room and craft for hours!

My family and I then moved to California and with that I moved all my craft room with me and was just crafting while we settle down. I then decided to start my YouTube Channel to share inspiration & creations with fellow crafters with my humble creations, the channel started growing more and I was luckily featuring my videos in multiple platforms.

I was selected to be one of the lovely Design Team Members for Art Impressions Crafting Company. I had an inspiring experience with Art Impressions and enjoyed working with the team who are highly talented and creative.


Recently, I was selected to be a promo team member for Art By Marlene Crafting Brand. I am enjoying every day now working with them, the products are my favorite and very inspiring.    

I am enjoying so much my gradual steps crafting, recording videos and managing my different platforms, it is very fulfilling and is just awesome. I would love to thank you all for the support and encouragement you give me everyday along the way.

All the love!


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